Your Inner Creativity is Alive and Well!

Inspiration, imagination, creativity! These words bring mixed feelings for many of us: desirable and exciting, yet daunting and intimidating.  Have you ever had a feeling that you wanted to express something from deep within you, to create something unique and special only to get promptly stuck when you ran into the wall of “But, I don’t know how, I don’t know where to start.”?

Some of us are born with our creative spark already lit. We see connections between things where others don’t. We put them together to create something new. Or maybe it’s a loud inner voice that guides the creative process with ease. The rest of us have that creative energy that is quietly snuggled up in our hearts, but does not reveal itself easily and barely whispers its messages of inspiration to us. Either way, we all have some measure of learning to do if we want to make our creative ideas a reality.

Whether its cooking something new and different for a change, learning to decorate cakes, blogging, creating a website or a starting a business, designing an inspiring and unique yoga class or workshop, no matter what you feel inspired to do, you will eventually have to put it into action, and, that is where you will need the most help. Ideas are exciting. Making them happen usually takes work or has a learning curve. But, if you can maintain your excitement and inspiration it will give you wings and help you stay aloft as you learn and act.

There are two things I have come to believe so far about the creative process, and this is from my own experience:

  1. Creative ideas grow the more you pay attention to them and give them form. Ideas, techniques and inspiration grow and expand with the focus and attention you give them! The more creative journaling I do, the more I find I have to write about and the more imagery ideas and techniques I develop.
  1. Expressing creatively requires a starting point (a clear idea) and simple steps with some guidance on the “doing” part. It may be researching what others have done (which often generates more ideas!), taking a class (getting trained to do something you have a passion for, but lack the skills to do), doing an online guided course or using books to help you and so on. I have had wonderful resources to help me on my journaling venture. They gave me a starting point, direction, tools for self-expression.

Make a list of your dreams and wishes then look over the list carefully. Hidden there you will find something you want to actually do more than wish for, something you want to create and make real. Trust yourself and trust life to support you. If you take small steps every day, you will be amazed at how much the Universe will send your way to support you in bringing your creativity to life!

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