Three Books That Will Help You With Meditation!

Learning to meditate is an ongoing process. It has its ups and downs and the experience will change over time. The important thing is to find a simple method that will increase your chances of being consistent in order to reap the amazing cumulative, lasting benefits of meditating. It is a  truly a life changing practice!

Books on meditation can be an inspiring source of guidance and reasons for developing a practice. Two of my favorite books on meditation are by the same author. His name is Eknath Easwaran. He died a few years ago leaving behind a great gift to us: his writings.

He is very easy to read and has a wonderful way of saying things.  His two books I am referring to are simple, but very meaningful and helpful. They are: The Mantram Handbook and Passage Meditation. Easwaran makes meditation something anyone can practice. He makes it clear that meditation relates to our spirituality, not our religion. It is a way to find inner peace.

Another helpful book if you are interested in the nuts and bolts of yoga subtle anatomy, philosophy and types of meditation is a How To Meditate Using Chakras, Mantras and Breath by Dennis Chernin. It is detailed, but not overbearing, and is a good study with practices to get you started.

Meditating gives you quiet time alone to let your mind and body settle and find stillness as you sit.  Sitting quietly will give you a deepening sense of inner calm, myriad health benefits and is a wonderful way to reduce the effects stress has on your body, mind and emotions.

Kathleen Grace Santor E-RYT 500

January, 2016

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