Restorative Yoga & Upcoming Yoga Events

It is already July! Certainly considered the dog days of summer, it is still hard to believe…is summer already half over? Is 2014 really more than half over?

Even in this more idyllic time of year it is important to remind ourselves to take a moment to slow down, enjoy, refresh and restore.

Remember as a younger person, a child or a teenager turning on some music or picking up a book and a summer afternoon seemed to stretch into almost a full day of laziness. Observe a child or a young person as they go into “unwind” mode, they stretch their bodies out and instinctively know that to relax their bodies must calm, stretch, and move more slowly. I remember as a young person my favorite relax place was on my beanbag chair with a book, my feet propped on the wall to loosen my back. I watch my nine year old son do something similar as he grabs his kindle and stretches on the floor his legs akimbo sometimes rolling into a modified plow until one of the dogs comes over and gets curious as dogs do. It seems to make the world a little smaller and slower when you reconnect with the floor, your breathing. Your day opens up, time is less rigid and more fluid.
If summer feels fleeting and fall is looming take a moment to enjoy our hot desert sun on your skin instead of rushing from the house to the car. Observe the brilliance of the sky for a moment before you hide behind those sunglasses. Notice which direction the clouds are moving and move your spine to see them flowing from one side of the valley to the other. This is yoga too 🙂
To restore a bit more, there is still space with Nita in the restorative yoga workshop July 26th. Restorative Yoga is a quiet, gentle practice utilizing props (bolsters, blankets, and blocks) to fully support the body as poses are held for longer periods. These essential poses relieve stress and bring a sense of peace to the mind and body.
Leave feeling rested, rejuvenated, lighter and calmer.
There is still space but space is limited!
Please reserve your restful spot today.

If you have missed the deadline don’t despair, we have a full schedule of classes and workshops at our Henderson yoga studio located in Whitney Ranch, convenient to both Las Vegas, Green Valley and Henderson.

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