Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers




Are you just starting your teaching career and need a better sense of direction and how to grow your career?
Do you tend to compare yourself to other teachers or studios and feel you don’t measure up?
Feel ready to move forward and do more with you teaching career, but aren’t sure how?


These and many other issues are appropriate challenges you can successfully tackle with the guidance of an experienced mentor.


Are you a new or seasoned yoga teacher?


Your Yoga Teacher Training prepared you to teach yoga, but what happens once you go from trainee to yoga teacher trying to develop a yoga career on your own? There are many questions and much information that can’t be covered in the context of a training, yet are essential to the fulfillment of your dreams and potential as a teacher.


Maybe you are a seasoned yoga teacher who has taught for many years, but now find yourself feeling feel stuck or stagnant in your teaching or personal practice.


Mentoring is a relationship between you and an experienced professional who can guide you with creating solutions to problems, working through your stumbling blocks and developing a plan to move you towards fulfilling your goals.


What is my approach to mentoring?


I believe the purpose of mentoring is to help you define your goals and vision and effectively progress you in that direction in a short period of time.


It is important to me as a mentor that mentoring sessions provide a safe, confidential context in which together we can clearly define the challenges you want to tackle, talk about the issues that concern you, explore options and create a plan of action to help you get unstuck and moving forward with a sense of purpose and a clear vision.


As your mentor I will guide you in this process and you the mentee will work on the action plan we develop together.


IWhat are some concerns that can be covered in mentoring sessions?


Mentoring on the mat addresses issues related to improving or expanding your teaching skills.
A few examples are:
– Creating “themed” lesson plans that keep students interested
– Improving verbal cues (instructional, directional, preparatory, breath, awareness, visual, anatomical, etc.)
– Creative sequencing
– Keys to teaching mixed level classes
– Voice projection, articulation and confidence building
– Connecting with your students: how to establish rapport



As yoga professionals most of us struggle at one time or another, with any of a variety of problems not related to the mat or classroom.

Some examples of these are:
– Having clear professional goals, but lacking a plan to manifest them
– Business management / organization / time management
– Making ends meet financially (does your yoga income cover your expenses?)
– Relationship / family problems related to your yoga career
– Feeling stagnant or struggling with burnout as a teacher
– Anything that pertains to your development, success and happiness as a yoga professional (teacher, trainer,    studio owner, etc.)


Why I love to mentor yoga teachers!


Mentoring is near and dear to my heart as it allows me to draw on what I have learned over the years as a yoga teacher and trainer, therapist and college instructor of stress management and mind body health classes.
These experiences along with  the challenges of owning a yoga studio  and teacher training program taught me many things that I hope can be helpful and time saving to other teachers.


What are mentoring meetings?

My mentoring meetings revolve around your specific concerns. You determine the number of meetings you want to have as we go along. Here are some of the specifics about the content of our meetings:
– You will answer some questions by email before our first meeting so I know what you are seeking help with and    can be better prepared for our first  meeting.
– In the initial meeting we will clearly define your goals, I.e., what specifically you would like to tackle and   succeeded at with the support and guidance of mentoring. You will leave with a copy of those goals and a plan    of action to be carried out by the second meeting.
– At each mentoring meeting we will assess how you are doing with the goals we set up. We will discuss and   problem solve any challenges or concerns you have.  By the end of the meeting you will have a form to take with   you that spells out progress made and assignments we agree on to move you towards your goals.
– Every minute of a session counts so it is important we use your time with me efficiently. We will work together in   a focused manner during your mentor meetings, and I will make sure we stay on track with your concerns in a   productive way.



I hour $95
1.5 hours $135
Pre-paid Packages:
2  I-hour meetings  $175
2 1.5-hour meetings. $245