Professional Development for Yoga Teachers & Trainers

Professional development includes Continuing Education workshops for yoga teachers and trainers as well as one on one or small group mentoring. The focus of workshops provides an opportunity for teachers or trainers to invest in excelling professionally by acquiring skills and knowledge in areas beyond the scope of most yoga teacher training programs. Some of these topics include:

  • workshop design and presentation essentials
  • organizational and time management skills
  • incorporating a stress management component into your yoga classes
  • how to organize and create quality instructional manuals
  • evidence based guidelines of successful mentoring
  • syllabus and curriculum development
  • supervisory skills for trainers


Training the Yoga Teacher Trainer

Kathleen developed the trainer program in response to yoga teachers who wanted to become yoga teacher trainers. The program proved to be very successful with the first group of trainers, so she is offering it to others interested in training teachers or developing a teacher training school. The skills and knowledge are also highly applicable to anyone wanting to become a mentor to other yoga teachers.

The series of five workshops teaches you how to manage your time; organize, design and present workshops of any kind and create a yoga teacher training program that meets Yoga Alliance standards. Essential mentoring and training skills are also covered in depth.

At each workshop you will receive a detailed manual and informational handouts. The last workshop will include an explanation and clarification of the Yoga Alliance requirements to become a Registered Yoga School and Lead Trainer.

The fee, if you register for all 5 workshops, is $395 ($490 value) and is 20 CEUs.

You may register for any of the following packages (these include all workshops except for the YTT Curriculum workshop on 2/27/16
Any 1 workshop – see fees for each below (4 CEUs)
Any 2 workshops – $175 ( $15 savings – 8 CEUs)
Any 3 workshops – $260 ($25 savings – 12 CEUs)

For more information or to register, please call Kathleen or Nina at 702-458-5686
(Stress Management Center of Nevada).

How to Organize, Design & Present a Winning Workshop

This is a great workshop for any yoga teacher whether or not you plan to be a trainer.

Teaching workshops is a fun, rewarding way to share your knowledge in any area that is special to you. This workshop will give you a detailed guideline and the “do’s and dont’s list” of workshop preparation and presentation.

Past participants have expressed that their confidence level for creating and leading a workshop was increased significantly by attending.


Organizational & Time Management Skills for Yoga Teachers & Trainers

Whether you teach one or two classes or teach full time, there are organizational skill that can make all the difference in minimizing the stress of scheduling, finances, and all the little details essential to feeling organized. This workshop is for any yoga teacher wanting to improve his or her organizational and time management skills and methods.


Training Skills for Yoga Teacher Trainers

Training yoga teachers requires that trainers have an understanding of elements of one on one and group rapport building. Teaching professional boundaries and professional conduct in the context of a training is also an important skill.
Trainers will be most effective if they have knowledge  of instructional strategies and assessment methods to monitor trainee progress.  All of these topics will be covered in this workshop.


Mentoring Skills for Yoga Teachers & Trainers

We will define the mentoring relationship and how it differs from coaching and training. Topics will include how to build a relationship with the trainee, steps for establishing trust and rapport, observational skills, communication skills and problem solving. This workshop is for anyone entering into a mentoring relationship.


YTT Curriculum, Syllabus & Manuals: How to Design a Yoga Alliance Compliant Yoga teacher Training Program

Elements of instructional design, curriculum design, how to create a Syllabus and manuals will be covered. How to meet the Yoga Alliance requirements for YTT schools will be covered in detail as it is the most complex part of designing a curriculum.
Requirements for Lead Trainers will also be addressed. You will receive a detailed manual that can serve as a take home guideline and reference should you develop a training in the future.


Stress Management Certification

Kathleen also provides a specialized Stress Management Educator Certification Program for those interested in incorporating stress education and stress reduction into  their professional skill set. For information please contact Kathleen at 702-458-5686.