Personal Growth Workshops

I love sharing personal growth workshops. Each workshop experience will give you something of value you can keep forever. My purpose in offering these is to share from what I have learned while providing fun, interesting and meaningful growth experiences for anyone drawn to this approach. I’ve designed my workshops to give you the opportunity to taylor and personalize the information and exercises to your own needs and lifestyle.

My goal is to provide a safe, comfortable environment in which we all continue to learn and grow in a supportive and healthy way. Time we invest in deepening our self-knowledge and processing our life experiences has long lasting value and enriches our lives and relationships.


The Art of Creative Journaling

Enriching your relationship with yourself through written and visual journaling

The creative journaling workshops are about enhancing your relationship with yourself through written and visual expression, inspiration and creativity! No artistic ability or experience is needed!
My goal is to make journaling fun, enjoyable and meaningful.  Journaling is a very personal process. Your pages will be expressions of your unique self. Your journal will evolve to become a book about your inner world and your life.  The process of journaling develops our often untapped inner source of creativity and inspiration as wellsprings for creating a fulfilling life.

There will be different techniques of journaling introduced at each workshop in the series.

You will find yourself effortlessly developing your own personal style and preferences of how you journal. It’s not something you try to do. It’s something that just happens. I like to think of it as the “magic” of journaling.


Next Creative Journaling Workshop:

Written and Visual Exercises for Processing Life

Dates and Fees:
Saturday, March 3, 1-4 pm, Fee: $45
Early bird Fee: $40, if you register by February 23

To reserve your space, please call Kathleen at 702-553-6693

Creative Journal is a tool for processing your life experiences through the use of writing and imagery. “Processing” means exploring, expressing, getting closure where needed in your life. This results in a deepening self awareness and connection to your own true inner guidance.

The most interesting part of journaling is how often we reveal to ourselves on our pages, treasures and insights. A shift in perspective occurs that leaves us with a fresh view of ourselves and our life experience. This type of process is very healing and can help get us unstuck from old patterns we have played out over and over in our lives. Feelings and significant events that are not processed tend to remain locked inside like bubbles of unfinished business.

I look forward to sharing the amazing process of written and visual journaling with you.

Wishing you joy and peace!


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Next creative journaling workshop will be in November……..stay tuned!

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