Mindful Awareness: A Closer Look

For just a moment feel the quiet inner sensation of your next breath flowing in.  As you breathe out, feel the slight sensation of releasing, letting go in your shoulders, neck and face.  This attention to your present moment experience is mindful awareness.

Mindfulness is a beautiful concept that when looked at more closely, reveals three hidden components essential to true mindful awareness:

~ Concentration practice (meditation) develops your ability to focus mental attention and energy where you want it to go. It strengthens your grip on the reins that control your mind enabling you to direct attention in a mindful, purposeful way. A simple daily meditation practice will yield great results over time.

~ Noticing thoughts and feelings without judging them (and if you do, simply notice the judging) increases feelings of calmness and wellbeing. Noticing is mindful awareness with acceptance of your experience in the present moment.

~ Loving-kindness and compassion are mindfully chosen feelings. We decide to approach a person or situation in a loving, compassionate way. This practice gradually deepens our connection with others and nourishes us spiritually by expanding our capacity to love.

Practicing each of these aspects of mindful awareness will gradually strengthen your inner reserves for challenging times and give you the ever-growing gift of inner calmness.

Kathleen Grace Santor E-RYT 500

January, 2016

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