LIFE CHANGES: Thoughts on the Root Chakra

Life situations that involve significant change or threaten your sense of safety and security can create weak, shallow roots that leave you feeling scattered, ungrounded, and off balance to one degree or another. Major life events that uproot even a deeply planted tap root can result in a period of feeling ungrounded, insecure and disoriented.

Worry can also be a source of unnecessary feelings of fear and instability. It shakes your foundation creating insecurity that rises  up from your roots.

Changes that involve endings and transitions into new beginnings require a deep inner reservoir of personal strength and faith that Life is ultimately supportive and helpful. Courage and bravery are the forces that propel us to take risks and needed action in the face of our fears. “Jump and the net will appear” expresses faith in the fundamental goodness and abundance of Life.

A rich supply of nurturance requires roots that grow deeply into nourishing soil. The roots grow if they are fed and not disturbed, uprooted or transplanted too often.

Our need for personal and spiritual nourishment requires that we develop our own roots. Consistency, lifestyle choices that help us stay grounded, being committed to our goals and resilience are essential qualities in developing and maintaining a strong foundation of  energetic and psychological roots.

From Exploring Your Chakras Through Creative Journaling by Kathleen Grace Santor, E-RYT 500

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