Daily Uplifts: What Are Yours?

Daily uplifts are the bright spots in your day that make you smile, at least on the inside, and give your spirits a boost.  They have a positive, energizing effect on your mood and contribute to your overall wellbeing. The importance of daily uplifts is that they can help balance out the stress of hassles that occur in the course of daily life.

Stress research has shown that a chronically negative, frustrated point of view can put you into a state of “stewing in your own juices”, the juices being your stress hormones. Definitely not a healthy way to live! Stress hormones have important functions when needed, but too much too often can damage your health over time.

To increase your awareness and gain more control over how the events of your day affect you, make a list of “daily uplifts” you can count on or make happen when you need a boost. Here are some examples to get you started, but you will know best the little things that brighten your spirit: connect with your best friend for a chat; stop in at a coffee shop for your favorite drink; take a yoga class; write in your journal for 10 minutes; look at pictures or watch a favorite old movie that makes you happy; accomplish a small project; buy some flowers for your home or office; read some uplifting quotes online; breathe, relax or meditate for 5 quiet minutes.

I encourage you to try this simple process for one day: focus on the positive, handle the hassles without any internal drama, and find or create little uplifts that make you feel better. A positive outlook and a few deep breaths will sprinkle even the most challenging day with little uplifts that make the hassles easier to manage!

Kathleen Grace Santor

January, 2016

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