CREATIVITY & BELONGING: The Essence of the Sacral Chakra

Creativity, self-discovery, pleasure, joy, feelings, sensations and healthy emotional connection to others are the essence of healthy second chakra energy.  The root chakra energy makes it possible for us to build a foundation and grow deep, stabilizing, nourishing roots. The second chakra draws on that stability and nourishment as a launching pad and fuel for developing a full, creative life in which our connections with others fulfill our deepest need: the need to belong, to be loved and valued.

Understanding your beliefs about relationships gives you more opportunity to change and heal any deficiencies you may have inherited from your family and other significant people you were influenced by as a child. Improving your connection to yourself and others is always an option. Our need to belong is powerful enough that we will sacrifice our own well-being in order to feel connected if we do not know what healthy belonging is.

Here are some relevant questions to consider:

  1.  Do you find the comfort of belonging and connection? Who do you feel connected to?

2.   What are your relationship strengths (healthy attitudes, commitment, skills)?

3.    What areas do you feel you need to improve in your relationships?

4.    How do you express yourself creatively? What gives you joy?

The hallmarks of a healthy sacral chakra are a feeling of freedom to be creative and and the ability to connect and be part of meaningful relationships. When this chakra is healthy and in balance, joy, creativity and pleasure are natural to us. We cherish our relationships and have a comfortable balance between connection and autonomy.

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