Creative Journaling: Words and Images That Reveal Us to Ourselves

Journaling is a tool for putting your inner life into order and perspective as you process and heal your life experiences in a meaningful way. During the journaling process your own spontaneous words  and images begin to reveal what has been masked and muted by your busy, daily conscious mind. In that deeper space lies the richness and meaningful fabric of the true self.

Beneath the surface of normal awareness is a stream of internal responses to our life experiences: emotions, body sensations, images, memories and recollections. Deeper still is the wellspring of the Self or Soul from which the stream flows.

Ira Progoff, creator of the Intensive Journal method, says that once we enter this stream it will carry us to the places within that it wants us to explore. It is a process that reveals us to ourselves. Life changes as we continue to journal because we change. He also points out what so many of us know from experience: that journaling without a purpose or intent tends to become redundant and repetitious.

Creative journaling combines writing with imagery work. No artistic ability is needed. It is not necessary to journal daily. Regular periodic journaling sessions with guided exercises that include both writing and imagery work are personally fulfilling and productive in the long run.

If you are looking for guidance to help you with journaling, there are several books available to guide you. I personally love the book Visual Journaling: Going Deeper than Words by Barbara Ganim and Susan Fox.


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Creative Journaling: Words and Images That Reveal Us to Ourselves
Creative journaling can help you to make discoveries about yourself. Lear about the many tools, books, and resources at your disposal to journal in a constructive, healing way.

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