Corporate Workshops

Corporate Workshops

Are your employees stressed out? Every day you and your employees interact with customers, co-workers and supervisors. Each of these interactions is a potential source of stress. If that stress builds, it can cause long-term damage to the health and well-being of  your team and can have a negative impact on the efficiency, productivity and success of your business.

How stress management can help:
Work environments that address the stress management needs of employees typically notice the following:

  • increased morale in the workplace
  • decreased employee absenteeism
  • decreased employee illness and injury decreased turnover  and costs for employers

Simple, cost effective techniques can reduce employee stress significantly. Knowing how to control stress decreases each employee’s absenteeism related to both health problems and burnout. This means less turnover and reduced cost of benefits for employers.

Where we fit in:
Our goal at Stress Management Center of Nevada is to provide programs designed to meet the stress management needs of your staff. Some of our most popular topics are listed below, however we can customize the topics to meet the specific needs of your employees.

Topics available for seminars:

De-stress at Your Desk!
How can you avoid the tight, achey neck and back that result from hours of computer work, desk work not to speak of gazing down at your phone while texting or reading emails? Over time the stress effects build up and begin to take a toll. Your personal wellness and self-care are essential to maintaining energy and enthusiasm throughout your work day and at home. This fun workshop will teach you exercises and techniques to help you  avoid tension build up and the negative health and postural effects of prolonged sitting and gazing at your tablet, phone or computer.

Solutions for Stress
The focus of this training is on helping each participant understand stress, identify stressors, and learn to respond rather than react to stressors. Practice of specific stress reducing techniques will give participants methods to monitor and control their own stress and wellness. (Length of workshop is flexible)

Balancing Home and Work
How to keep your head at work and your heart at home by assessing and managing job stress and separating your work life from your personal life.

Quieting the Mind
This workshop will introduce participants to a variety of special techniques that quiet the mind including breathing and focusing techniques, visualization, relaxation and how to soothe a busy mind. (One and a half hour program)

Workshops can be customized to fit the needs, interests and schedule of your company.
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Success Mentoring


Learn valuable skills for managing your personal and work life in a more calm and organized manner. Change can be effective and long lasting when it is based on a clear step by step plan supported by personal motivation and the guidance of a skilled professional.

Checking in with your mentor on a regular basis will keep you on track and teach you skills that will give you the confidence to continue on your own when you are ready. You and your mentor will identify the areas on which you need to focus and develop a plan to lead you to your goals.

  • Success mentoring will help you in important ways based on your needs and goals:
  • learn to be assertive without being aggressive
  • learn to say “no” effectively
  • set boundaries in your important relationships
  • sharpen your problem solving and decision making skills
  • create a personal system to help you get organized
  • learn to manage your time and avoid procrastinating
  • improve your level of confidence and trust in yourself