More than a feeling, stress is a physical response that has profound and significant effects on the organs and systems in your body and, therefore, on your health. It is a culprit in a majority of health problems.

Chronic stress literally means your body is in a state of stress on an ongoing basis. More to the point, this means stress hormones responsible for the “Fight or Flight Response” are present in your bloodstream 24/7. When you are stressed to some degree all the time, you are literally, as the saying goes, “stewing in your own juices”.

The bottom line: Chronic stress is damaging to your health in the long run and limit your ability to enjoy life in the short run.

What to do? Start by using the key that unlocks your Relaxation Response: mindful, aware breathing.Several times a day stop and take 3-5 slow deep breaths. The slow exhalations will trigger little receptors in your lungs that turn down your nervous system’s Stress Response signals and turn up the Relaxation Response signals.

You may need a reminder to take your deep breaths. Find something in your environment to use as a reminder, or put an alert on your phone to remind you to take a “breathing pause” three or four times a day.


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Chronic Stress
Information on chronic stress and how to unlock your relaxation response.

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