Busy Mind? Slow It Down This Simple, Easy Way.

One of the most valuable uses of affirmations is to use them to stop racing or negative thoughts. For example, if you find your mind just won’t slow down, you can shift gears by giving your mind something positive and quieting to do such as repeating an affirmation calmly and slowly.

Mentally repeating an affirmation slowly while breathing slowly will help gradually put the brakes on all that mental activity. This can be helpful when trying to fall asleep.

Keep affirmations short and simple. Make the words right for you. Some examples are:

“I am calm and serene” 

“Breathing in (on the inhale) and breathing out (on the exhale)“

“I breathe the calm peace of my soul”
Here is simple practice to stop “busy mind” activity and slow it down to a calmer pace:

1. When you notice your mind is too busy, think to yourself “STOP” and then take a slow,    

     deep breath.

2. Now breathe slowly and calmly while mentally repeating your chosen affirmation. 

Relax your face, jaw and shoulders. If your mind wanders, bring it back to your

affirmation and the sensation of your breath.

This simple little practice is also very helpful if you are upset and “obsessing” about what someone did to you or how mad you are at them. The breath part is very important for calming your whole nervous system.

My favorite book of all time on this topic is Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain. It is considered to be a classic on affirmations and visualizations. It is simple and enjoyable to read with much inspiration and short chapters and little exercises you can do.

Kathleen Grace Santor E-RYT 500

January, 2016

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