How I would feel if I didn’t practice yoga?

I would have to place sticky notes on all of the places on my body that
require attention and opening as a reminder to be kind, or exercise there.
They would all read, simply, here.  And I would walk around, ridiculously
covered with tacky yellow squares, from head to foot, like a road map with
markers waiting to be traveled or explored.

People would stare, they would give the kind of inquisitive look that
doesn’t want an explanation, only an answer to the question–should I be
afraid?  Are you a lunatic? Fearful mothers would shield their
children’s eyes.  No one would allow me to sit next to them on public
transportation, hold a door open for me, or even–gasp!- share a friendly
exchange, much less a smile.

I wouldn’t be able to wash my clothing, in fear of losing a reminder. And
when I woke up in the morning, my body stiff and unwilling to bend, I
would have to double up in places like my hips and neck.

I would have them placed around my heart in that very shape, as a reminder
to think and act from that sacred space.

I would have one on each corner of my mouth to force a smile, at least
once during the day.

And I would have to create a special hat, with a hanger growing out of the
brim to dangle a sticky note, much like a carrot, before my eyes, so that
every time I read that word, here, I would remember to be fully present.

It might sound extreme, but I often have nightmares about this very thing,
about what kind of human being I would be without yoga in my life.

What about you?  What would your life be like without yoga?

-Megan Merchant, RYT 200, M.F.A

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